The Silent Camellia ~
"The Camellia Blossom, also known as Tsubaki, is a flower without fragrance. It proclaims nothing, blooming in silence. When the blossom's petals scatter, it's quiet and tragic. I am Tsubaki. A silent flower without fragrance."

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
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That Hasn't
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Bed time :3

I’ve had a long day. I’ll be back in the afternoon. :3


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(You wouldn’t go full on lesbian for me?! I’m not your woman crush? DX That’s it, my heart is now crushed completely XD I need Claude icons if I were to do it. Like, I love Claude but I fuckin’ hate him he’s a fuckin’ dick oh my god {Wait, why should I be Claude? Whoops insecurities})

{ OH COME ON. I was admitting my other love. Jen Aniston XD She’s so gorgeous like seriously unffff. BUT SERIOUSLY don’t be heart broken :O As for Cladue I know he’s a jerk but he’s…well … no. OKAY SQUARE ONE. HOW ABOUT STEIN PFFT. I would suggest someone from dragon age. I don’t play the game but you can pick from the game :3. I can make icons once you pick one out~ }



(Well, I like Alistair, Morrigan, Anders, Zevran, Fenris, Isabela and Merill from Dragon Age. Actors/actresses I like are Johnny Depp (those cheekbones), Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Josh Hutcherson, Emma Stone, Emma Watson… Anime I like Stein (duh), Allen (d grey man), Alois and Claude (Black Butler) Soo…. Yeah I dunno I look like none of those people XD)

{ I don’t look like Rikku one bit. I chose her because well I have loved her character. I was told I have a similar personality as hers. I do think those are pretty amazing people. I love Jennifer Aniston. I told myself I’d go lesbian for her. Like full on lesbian. My woman crush XD. OKAY I GOT TO STOP EVERYTHING AND SAY CLAUDE OMFG. that’s if you need him as your FC. FUCK I GOT CLAUDE ICONS TOO! >.> I can upload a bunch if ya need it ~ } 



(Maybe you could help me pick one =3)

{ Alright, do you have a favorite person from anything I mentioned? Like a video game. Anime show / Manga book. RL actor? It’d help more on who you like as a entertainer~ }




(I really need a mun FC)

{ I picked Rikku because of awesome reasons. Just pick someone from a movie / game / anime / any rl actors you really like. :3 }

Anonymous asked: Aweee man, I want to know if it becomes canonnn 

Just wait and seeeee. Cliff hangers are the best XD

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Anonymous asked: So this could become canon? 

Just gotta wait and see for the next episodeeeee~ ;D

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Anonymous asked: Wait so you ship the ship too? 

I run the fan base, sweetie. ~

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Anonymous asked: I think you two would make the cutest couple honestly, like I ship it really hard. 

Huh. And I thought I had competition! Oh well I’m not to worried with others tbh. ;D

As long as this ship is sailing then I’m perfectly fine with it XD

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